With the motto: product quality is the top priority, We make strong commitment that the whole of our products before being delivered to the customer must be through a rigorous inspecting process in order to ensure the reputation of the company as well as gives customers peace of mind and satisfaction during the process of using additive products.
VNFILLER currently own a factory specialized in producing CaCO3 Filler Masterbatch used in the plastics industry, including : factory systems, finished warehouses, raw material warehouses, technology management offices, labs.

VNFILLER's sole goal is to become the number 1 supplier and exporter of plastic additives in Vietnam, leading player among the world for this business.
VNFILLER pursue the core values of meeting customer's various demands; minimizing the costs for our customers by non-stop improving our technology and logistics system; and always trying to make everything in time.
VNFILLER thanks for your kind support and trust during last years in our development