With a team of highly qualified and experienced staff and modern technology, VNFILLER always brings high quality products that are stable and meet the needs of customers.

Since the foundation up to now, we have always focused on investing in technology innovation and personnel training; expand the factory, improve productivity, quality; develop domestic and international markets.

Up to now, VNFILLER has become one of the branded enterprises in producing plastic additives products in Vietnam.

Currently, VNFILLER with its products: TICAL 190x: for PP, TICAL 2603: used for film coating BOPP, PP, PE; TICAL 232x: for PE are the products are being offered plentifully in the domestic and exporting markets.

With the aim to meet all strict requirements of customers, VNFILLER wishes to be one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam producing and exporting plastic additives products for the plastics industry.

VNFILLER not only wants to provide plastic additives products with the most stable quality, but also bring the best value-added profit to customers.


VNFILLER has a team of engineers and skilled workers, with well-trained management staff, working and satisfying all production and business activities of the Company.

In addition to the experienced and qualified human resources, VNFILLER also has a scientifically layouted plant system and modern machinery lines, operated continuously 3 shifts per day, yielding more than 20,000 Ton / year and growing in both quantity and quality.

VNFILLER has a modern factory with a total floor area of ​​over 5.000m2, including a system of workshops, warehouses, quality management buildings and operator quarters.

With these strengths, VNFILLER is fully confident to satisfy all requirements of customers in terms of quality, quantity and price of products.

In addition, VNFILLER constantly updates new information on the market and invests in advanced technologies and techniques in the world's manufacturing sector in order to provide customers with products of international standard at competitive prices. This is the target of striving and also the pride of VNFILLER.

Beside Caco3 powder plentiful resources with the best quality in Vietnam, VNFILLER is also a long-term partner of distributors of other materials and chemicals in Vietnam. Therefore, VNFILLER always takes the initiative in input materials and get the preferential price from the suppliers. This is one of the competitive advantages in terms of price and quality of our service.


With the motto: product quality is the top priority, the whole of our products before being delivered to the customer must be through a rigorous inspecting process in order to ensure the reputation of the company as well as gives customers peace of mind and satisfaction during the process of using additive products.

VNFILLER with the advantage of having a factory located near the quality, stability and high capacity material source in the world. The production technology is modern, all the devices are imported from countries with advanced technology in the world in the plastic industry. Productivity and product quality were superior thanks to the equipment systems are continuously improved, the supply of input materials in the production process are tightly controlled, thus ensuring the quality of products after working out always has high stability.

With the direction of continuous investment in modern production technology, VNFILLER is heading to the clean, environmentally friendly industrial production, and brings manufacturers in plastic industry all the safety additives.

Product research & development is "the survival factor of the business". Therefore, we have constantly invested in product research and development in the development of quality products, and application of the new additive used in the plastic industry.

Quality control laboratory was also the focus and invested all the test equipment most accurately to ensure the best quality from materials to finished products shipped.

A team of engineers, technicians are always updated information and continuously trained to operate the quality control system to conform to the international standards.

The compositions in the seeds of our additive pellets comply with food safety regulations, no heavy metals, no Phenol, meet REACH standard accord with European regulations.

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