Green Masterbatch

Green Masterbatch

Green Masterbatch
Green Masterbatch
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Green masterbatch is a high technical masterbatch with excellent properties, relying on the type of polymer to be colored. We introduced advanced equipment and testing machine , and use imported excellent dispersing green pigment, carriers and additives to keep high quality final finished green masterbatch.
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Appearance (Surface color)                    : Green

Material                                                     : 20% Pigment, 80% LLDPE, additives

Additives                                                    : Dispersion agent, processing aid

Processing temperature                           : 160- 260oC

Carries resin                                               : LLDPE

Compatibility                                              : LLDPE

Pellet Size                                                  : 3×3 (±0.3) mm

Packing                                                     : 20 kgs per PP bag, PE bag

Storage                                                     : Keep in dry condition


Usage ratio:

Adjustable to different product requirement



Include injection molding, pipe, film,blowing, blow molding, sheet, plate, pearl cotton, wire drawing, non-woven fabrics.