Orange Masterbatch

Orange Masterbatch

Orange Masterbatch
Orange Masterbatch
Mô tả:
Orange Masterbatch is the compound of high-quality pigment, virgin polyethylene, and some other additives. Orange Masterbatch is used to make orange coloration for plastic products. It does not only help to improve the characters of the finished product such as durability against with extreme weather conditions, UV stability, high-temperature resistance but also keeps production costs down for plastic manufacturers.
Chi tiết:


1. High quality pigment
2. Innocuous, environmental, strong coloring capacity, steady founction and good dispersiveness
3. Wide application



Appearance (Surface color)                    : Orange

Material                                                     : 20% Pigment, 80% LLDPE, additives

Additives                                                    : Dispersion agent, processing aid

Processing temperature                           : 160- 260oC

Carries resin                                               : LLDPE

Compatibility                                              : LLDPE

Pellet Size                                                  : 3×3 (±0.3) mm

Packing                                                     : 20 kgs per PP bag, PE bag

Storage                                                     : Keep in dry condition


Usage ratio:

Adjustable to different product requirement



Include injection molding, pipe, film,blowing, blow molding, sheet, plate, pearl cotton, wire drawing, non-woven fabrics.