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What is the big difference between Shrink and Stretch film?
Updated on: 25/09/2018

Shrink packaging and stretch packaging both provide a number of unique benefits, and the packaging that will be best for you ultimately depends on the product(s) that you are packaging. To help you determine which type of packaging is best for you, we've outlined the benefits and suggested uses of both shrink wrap film and stretch wrap packaging.

Shrink Film and its Benefits

When heat is applied to shrink film, it contracts around the product, creating a very tight seal. Shrink packaging is ideal for when you are concerned about keeping outside contaminants, such as dust and dirt from getting on your products. As such, it is especially useful for food and beverage packaging and is a great asset for preserving food and keeping it from spoiling.
Shrink film applicators make applying shrink packaging to smaller items quick and efficient, benefitting packaging products that are small enough to run through these machines. With that said, shrink film can also be applied manually to much larger objects such as boats and greenhouses. Shrink film is also quite durable, resistant to tearing, and is tamper-evident.
•    Strong material
•    Offers a durable seal
•    Used in a variety of machines and sealers
•    Various shrink film options available

Stretch Film and its Benefits

Stretch film adheres to itself when it is wrapped around an item. The seal it creates isn't quite as tight as what you would get with shrink film, however, stretch film is quicker to apply manually, making it especially popular for larger items.
Like shrink film, stretch film is quite durable and will keep dust and other contaminants off your products. Stretch film is ideal for wrapping up pallets of products in order to provide them with another layer of protection outside of their individual packaging. Stretch film machinery and equipment can also help you save you time during the application process.
•    Used for a variety of applications
•    Provides stability and protection
•    Unparalleled puncture resistance
•    Various available options

Shrink or Stretch? Which one Should You Choose?

So which one should you choose for packaging your products, stretch film or shrink film? In most cases, either option will work excellently. With that said, both shrink film and stretch film do offer a number of unique advantages that should be taken into consideration.
Ultimately, which one is best will come down to the products you are packaging, how you are shipping them, what your packaging goals are, and a variety of other factors. Luckily, our packaging engineers supply an array of industry knowledge and will work hand in hand with your operations staff, quality managers, product designers and purchasing to understand what is necessary for your packaging to perform at its best while optimizing costs .

Source: Victory Packaging